Here are some pictures from my fantabulous flapper party! I turned 30 with a "Dirty 1930's" party in a fantastic children's art gallery called Art Starts.....after hours but of course! Tickle trunks full of costumes, art corners, a photo corner and of course...lots of gin! More photos to follow as they are edited!
My "much love" for today? My birthdy party! It was the best one ever! A Dirty 1930's themed 30th bash! So good, everyone dressed up, danced, drank gin and had a grand ol time! I will post pictures soon. I can't wait for you all to see my dress!
Today is the big one folks....drum roll please....dah dhum dhuuuuummmmm! I  am dirty, flirty, and THIRTY! And in honor of this milestone in my life I am having a "Dirty 1930's 30th Birthday Bash"! So to get us all in the mood.....
The party is in an art gallery downtown, two floors, picture booth, finger painting area and of course a dance floor! Hopefully I also got my birthday wish! A new Canon SLR!! SO stay tuned for some fabulous flapper pictures and an update on how the party went!
But for now its Fill in the Blank Friday time!
1.  If I could choose my last meal it would be: something delicously cheeeezy and a yummy ice cream desert!    

2.  My favorite person to share a meal with is: Lindsay she would always take pictures of the food we were about to eat. One time the dish my husband made for us was the screen saver on her cell phone for weeks! She would get so excited she practically danced in her seat in anticipation of food!    

3.  The best meal I've ever had was: I honestly cant answer this question. Food in my house is a BIG DEAL. We eat lots and well and have regular sit down family meals.  Every one is AMAZING!

4.  The one food that makes me feel instantly better when I'm having a bad day is: A BC Burger from White Spot with lots of triple o sauce and fries...its also a good hangover cure!    

5.  My absolute specialty in the kitchen is: EATING! I am a chef's dream come true....cute and I lovvvve to eat!    

6.  The city that has the best food is: Toronto beats Vancouver simply because they have better Koren Food. MMMMMMMMMM Ka Chi!     

7.  My favorite healthy snack is: goji berries, wasabi peas, almonds, rasberries and of course cheeeee....not necessarily all at once!    

8.  In my opinion the nationality which has the best food is: Italian! Cheeze and tomato sauce. Cant go wrong!          .

9.  If I could learn to cook anything in the world (and be really good at it!): I am a good eater, remember. See above. My hubby cooks, I praise the eats and clean the mess. 

10.  The most outrageous dessert I've ever had was: Chocolate chilli ice cream that was so spicy I was panting as I had brain freeze! 
I have been busy making Flapper inspired headbands....all the girls attending my Dirty 1930's 30th Bday Bash will be getting one at the door! What do you think?
Have you signed up for the challenge? The 30 day journal challenge!!!! head over to Run With Scissors and check it out....30 days of creative prompts and inspirational sharing on a Flickr group. A lot of it is simple pen and ink work, wich i love. Makes me feel like a kid again, doodling in my notebook? Do you doodle? Do do doodle? If not you should. Doodling makes my brain oh so quiet and calm, I love it! Here are some examples f what I have done with the prompts so far:
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1.  The best thing about being in school was/is: meeting new people, making new friends and all of the activities and events I would go to. I was so much more social and politically active in school

2.  The worst thing about being in school was/is      juggling all the deadlines, schedules, exams, due dates...stressful! Especially in 4th year University but it taught me a lot and I am hyper organized now!

3.  My favorite subject in school was/is: well in highschool it was social studies, particularly European history and art. But in University it was Women Studies...hence majoring in it! :)

4.  One subject I wish I could have mastered/would like to master is: math, I wouldn't feel like such a dolt now....especially fractions!   

5.  I could never get tired of studying: history of indigenous rebellions and resistance the Zapatistas! Love that shit! 

6.  The most memorable teacher I had was: My Galbrieth, my Gr 8 (and more) Social Studies teacher. He taught European history through art and architecture. When I went to Italy and saw the Pantheon and the Vatican, I thought of him. He also had a 6 foot tall poster of the "David" behind his desk that he had taped a picture of his face to....and taught us about the Plague by showing us pictures of boils...right before lunch...

7.  If I could choose between going to school for the rest of my life or working for the rest of my life, I'd choose: going to school for the rest of my life! Learning is a job, and a rewarding one! I never get tired of learning new things!  Work is for chumps!

Hello to everyone from New Friend Friday and Little Things We Do! HAPPY FRIDAY!
Here are my two picks for this Tuesday....and I think I have to get my hands on them ASAP!

A Holga 35m camera! These cheap little plastic toy camera's produce AMAZING dream like images that I find so inspiring!
My other pick? Believe it or not simple lil old washi tape! I know! I know! I am so behind on the craft trends but I CAN NOT find it anywhere in Vancouver! Or Toronto!
If anyone knows of a store in Vancouver that sells it I will bake you LOTS of cookies! Look at some of the cute things you can do! So many colors! So many patterns!
(All images found here)
Hello kittens! So sorry I havent written much lately I was away in Ontario and am busy catching up at work and at home now that I am back! I have lots of updates and pictures and new projects to post.....but for now it is MONDAY! I hate Mondays, garh. But this fun lil blog post always makes them a bit more bearable!
My "Much Love Monday" is my katz! I missed them sooooo much while I was away! They are my best friends! This is my Spitzer, she is nearly 13 years old! We have been through a lot together...
It is also Monday's Muse! I made a lot of art over the weekend, mostly inspired by the 1920/30's and the flapper look! I love the romantic flapper look because it still has that bad girl twist to it! It is fun and flirty and the theme for my upcoming 30th bday bash!

What is inspiring you right now? What are you in love with?