1.  The best thing about being in school was/is: meeting new people, making new friends and all of the activities and events I would go to. I was so much more social and politically active in school

2.  The worst thing about being in school was/is      juggling all the deadlines, schedules, exams, due dates...stressful! Especially in 4th year University but it taught me a lot and I am hyper organized now!

3.  My favorite subject in school was/is: well in highschool it was social studies, particularly European history and art. But in University it was Women Studies...hence majoring in it! :)

4.  One subject I wish I could have mastered/would like to master is: math, I wouldn't feel like such a dolt now....especially fractions!   

5.  I could never get tired of studying: history of indigenous rebellions and resistance movements...like the Zapatistas! Love that shit! 

6.  The most memorable teacher I had was: My Galbrieth, my Gr 8 (and more) Social Studies teacher. He taught European history through art and architecture. When I went to Italy and saw the Pantheon and the Vatican, I thought of him. He also had a 6 foot tall poster of the "David" behind his desk that he had taped a picture of his face to....and taught us about the Plague by showing us pictures of boils...right before lunch...

7.  If I could choose between going to school for the rest of my life or working for the rest of my life, I'd choose: going to school for the rest of my life! Learning is a job, and a rewarding one! I never get tired of learning new things!  Work is for chumps!

Hello to everyone from New Friend Friday and Little Things We Do! HAPPY FRIDAY!
6/24/2010 03:07:02 am

I can help you with number 4! i'm good at fractions :)
and i like your doodles, they make me smile.


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