Hello kittens! So sorry I havent written much lately I was away in Ontario and am busy catching up at work and at home now that I am back! I have lots of updates and pictures and new projects to post.....but for now it is MONDAY! I hate Mondays, garh. But this fun lil blog post always makes them a bit more bearable!
My "Much Love Monday" is my katz! I missed them sooooo much while I was away! They are my best friends! This is my Spitzer, she is nearly 13 years old! We have been through a lot together...
It is also Monday's Muse! I made a lot of art over the weekend, mostly inspired by the 1920/30's and the flapper look! I love the romantic flapper look because it still has that bad girl twist to it! It is fun and flirty and the theme for my upcoming 30th bday bash!

What is inspiring you right now? What are you in love with?
6/16/2010 08:05:08 pm

such fantastic inspiration!! Im a fellow camper at rva :D x


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