It started with pies and has spread through my house, onto my walls, and all over my desks. It’s like a virus, a crafting virus. And I got it bad. I have pulled out my sewing machines, organized all my knitting needles, gathered all my wool, and TAUGHT MYSELF HOW TO CROCHET! That’s right folks, I really am that awesome. I hooked a toque for my hubby and now he wants one in every shade of the rainbow. I also took over the wall above our desk and have created the beginnings of a GIANT vision board. Kind of like a visual barf or brain fart on my wall. A vision board is what one looks at for ideas, inspiration, and hope. The making of them is also an extremely cathartic release helpful with depression, anxiety, and low self esteem. I made mine extra big, we are talking nearly a whole wall...I have lots of "off days" where I need to creatively vent ;)
Ryan loves his hat, but is paranoid people are going to steal it from him...

In my never ending search for serendipity I have been diving head first into DIY culture...Do It Yourself. After a particularly stressful counseling session I was left vibrating with energy and a need to release it. We worked on releasing anxiety stored in the memories of our muscles, and mine wanted out! I came home and pulled out flour, sugar, organic apples, cinnamon, nutmeg and warm loving ginger. Suddenly, like magic, I was baking a pie. An Organic Apple Pie with Cinnamon and Ginger. This was no ordinary pie, this was a healing pie. As I rolled out the pastry until it was smooth and tender, I was simultaneously relaxing my muscles, soothing my mind, transforming tension into something beautiful and nurturing. Serendipitously I suddenly entered a zone, zen like, peaceful. Calm. Quiet. I had made a pie

Take a moment. Turn off the TV. Ignore the phone. Dim the lights. Sit back, take a deep breath and listen. Watch. Love.
I know, I know, so overdue for a posting and one will come soon I promise!  The reason for my delay in posting? Some much needed inner reflection and evaluation time. Trying to get back to the original intent of this search I set out on...the pursuit of happiness. Which I will be the first to tell you is not as simple or as easy as one would think it is. For now I will leave you (whoever you are?) with this: I am busy learning. Learning to not be a push over, to stand my ground, to make a decision and stick to it and most importantly to be consistently and utterly happy. Current project? Practicing gratitude, to be continued later ;)
Yup, that's right folks. I the ever loving Facebook Queen and lover of all that is social networking sites am taking a break for a while...not forever. Those lovely cases of the blues I am so prone to slipping into have been courting me again. So 'tis time for this Cancerian to crawl back inside her shell for some much needed introspection. I'll still be doing the blog thing, so if you feel like following my emo adventures, random tangents, atempts at painful yoga poses and other odd lil tid bits then stick around. Otherwise....Ill Face-stalk yah in April