I know, I know, so overdue for a posting and one will come soon I promise!  The reason for my delay in posting? Some much needed inner reflection and evaluation time. Trying to get back to the original intent of this search I set out on...the pursuit of happiness. Which I will be the first to tell you is not as simple or as easy as one would think it is. For now I will leave you (whoever you are?) with this: I am busy learning. Learning to not be a push over, to stand my ground, to make a decision and stick to it and most importantly to be consistently and utterly happy. Current project? Practicing gratitude, to be continued later ;)
3/12/2010 07:25:42 am

That is awesome news! it's great to get back on track and keep on keeping on with being so self aware you are an amazing woman and I look forward to hearing about your adventures!


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