Here is what I am listening to this week.....
In high school I was really into trip hop and down tempo music. Massive Attack was always playing on my headphones, especially when I was drawing or painting.
I also love me some good old hip hop. Not the stuff that is coming out now....although there is a time and a place for dancing to cheesy top 40 rap/hip hop. But true hip hop is about LIFE. These are some of my favorite examples:
Guess I am feeling nostalgic these days. What are you listening to? Oh yah and one last video...just for the girls xoxo
PS: If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter you may know that I am clearing out all my Etsy stock to make room for some fun new products this spring! There are only 3 mini Dah-Duhs left!!!!! They are only $10 and made from all eco-friendly materials, check em out here!

PPS: I am currently thinking of creating a fun, online class teaching people about art journaling. Different techniques, tips and inspiring topics to get the creative juices flowing. I have done a few online courses on it myself, and I love how it can help get me out of creative ruts! It often leads to me experimenting with all sorts of new media types as well. How many of you would be interested in this? The cost would be super duper cheap, like $5...just to cover the cost of some extra books I am going to grab to benefit us all. I will also create a Flickr group where we can all share our pretty pages and each week I will post my personal fave from one of you here on the blog.

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