Dear bug,

Are you still in there? Because mamma just feels kinda fat. You have been so good to me this whole pregnancy, it's like your not even there. Well...aside from the insomnia, and the heartburn, oh yah and the headaches. Ok and also the crying fits and REALY sore boobs. But seriously, are you there bug? It's me mamma. You and I are nearing our 20th week together and Id really like to feel you move. Or hiccup. Or kick. Anything, just tell me you are there.

See I am a wee bit paranoid. Sometimes I ask your poppa "Oh my god, maybe I am not pregnant. Maybe I am just getting fat." I stare at myself in the mirror and have to admit ok, that is a prego belly. No wieght gain anywhere else, just boobs and belly. SO WHERE ARE YOU BUG?

The other day I think I felt a poke. Like an elbow? Your big fat nose from the Newitt side? (blame your grandfather) Or it could have been gas from the massive slice of apple pie with ice cream I had just finished demolishing too.

So I am just sayin, anytime you wanna jab at me go right ahead. I wont get mad. I wont ground you. Kick away dear little one.

PS: can we get over this whole aversion to chicken thing already? It's getting ridiculous and your Dad misses cooking it. K thanx bye

1/13/2011 05:08:43 am

So last time I was at the dr, she told me that a lot of woman in their first pregnancy won't feel the baby until around the 22nd week so it's not a big deal if you don't yet.

Have you had your ultrasound yet? I have mine on Friday to find out the sex. I'm sure if you do yours soon you'll see a baby in there :)

I think I feel ours sometimes but I'm not always sure. I feel it once every couple days or so but not frequent enough to really know if that is what I am feeling. Some people say it feels like fluttering...I find it to be a bit uncomfortable. Almost like a cramp that moves but not painful, just weird.

I think that was a terrible explanation :P

1/13/2011 05:10:51 am

Also, I don't tend to feel the baby when I'm lying on my side, I feel it most when I'm lying on my back...

1/13/2011 08:05:38 am

I remember these days, and that crazy moment when I finally felt Will move inside of me. It truly felt like I had a goldfish in my belly. And then it never stopped (but, luckily, he never found my kidneys or bladder). The best is when you are far enough along that you see their knee move across your belly, or a foot poking out. Pregnancy is magical.

xo Erin


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