1.   My last haircut was: 3 months ago at Bang Town in Vancouver. It is like an old school barber shop meets tattoo parlor! SO COOL! And they have beer on tap, I mean seriously what more could you want?

2.  My most daring hair moment was: when I shaved my head when I was 16. Some rough stuff had recently gone down and I kinda lost it....and uh yah. Shaved my head! Not like bald, but it was maybe an inch long.

3.  A hairstyle I'd never be brave enough to try is: a Mohawk. I would just feel less feminine, I dont know why. My bff did a longer girly one once, and I loved it on her. But I could never do it myself.

4.  I've always dreamt of being a (blonde, brunette or red-head): a natural black haired beauty, hence dying my hair super dark brown to cover the mousyness and greys.

5.  My go-to hair do is: if I am in a rush? A messy bun thing. If I have time? Side parted bangs with a half up half down do....what I have today!

6.  My biggest hair disaster was: the time I died my hair with kool aid while high on mushrooms. I had bleach blond hair and used strawberry punch kool aid thinking it would be fun for a day and wash out. Uhm....no. Imagine being on mushrooms, at London Drugs, trying to select a box of brown hair dye to cover that. FAIL

7.  A hairstyle I am dying to try is: lowlights, maybe letting my hair grow out all to my natural color and just doing low lights rather then an all over darker die.

8.  My best hair day: a tie between my college bar hoping days when my long hair gave me a sexy tousseled look the day after and my wedding day hair. It was a romantic, curly, soft updo and I loved it! 

9.  The worst hairstyle I ever had was: my over processed blond in a box phase, dear God I am so not meant to be blond! What was I thinking?

10.  My hair is : extremely thick, like enough for 4 heads. And has a stubborn wave to it that varies from curl to wave to frizz. The less I wash it the happier it is!

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