OK so no one challenged me specifically...but I did see this over on Deer Little Fawn and I just had to do it! Create your own personal style alaphabet:

A is for accesories
B is for buttons
C is for cardigens
D is for dress
E is for elastic head bands
F is for feathers
G is for glasses, nerdy ones
H is for hairspray
I is for
J is for jeans
K is for knitwear
L is for layers
M is for miniskirts (but with cute tights underneath always)
N is for necklaces (no outfit is complete without one!)
O is for open toe high heels
P is for pearls (my birthstone!)
Q is for quilt (well ok so its not clothing but on the weekend I am wrapped in one!)
R is for rubber boots (mine are black with white polka dots and pink trim!)
S is for scarfs (I have nearly 30 different ones)
T is for tattoos
U is for umbrella (I live in Vancouver, kind of a necessity!)
V is for vintage finds
W is for waist cincher
X is for x-tra cute!
Y is for
Z is for zippers!
9/17/2010 03:01:58 am

challenge accepted i'll get started on mine!


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