I recently signed up for a new journal/blog challenge I saw over at Our City Lights based on this awesome prompt journal:
Its a journal you buy, with the soul purpose of destroying it, its really hilarious and totally good for getting you out of a rut and inspiring you! Nothing like being 5 years old again! Here are my fave pages from this week, if you click on the images you get a better view and the details
The challenge is to post pictures from it every Sunday to share with others doing it, can't wait to see everyone else's pages too!
9/26/2010 09:00:21 am

Very cool, the your version of the chewing page is cute!

9/27/2010 09:51:39 am

So, as far as art goes, it's good that I'm a little nuts! I'll keep thinking of Van Gogh and Emily Dickenson when I get in my "why did I get the depression curse?" moments. Happy to have you on the blog!


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