On Thursday we hired a driver for the day and ventured up into the mountains to see Git Git Waterfall. After only 45 minutes of driving the air becomes much cooler and the humidity all but disappears. With a cool and breezy 25 degrees we dined on Nasi Goreng and admired terraced rice paddy's. Once you are up in the hills all you can see for miles is terraced farmland, like you see in the picture below. In the distance is lush, thick, green jungle filled with the sounds of various buzzing exotic insects.
In order to get to the Waterfall you had to walk down a spiraling series of stone steps, winding past various market ladies selling their goods and looking to barter. I finally found the PERFECT gift for my family and cant wait to show it to my Grandfather. The market women all adored Randy and loved to say his name "Rrrrrrrrrandyyyy. Rrrrrrandy come visit with me. Rrrrrrandy buy my spices!"  They would link their arm through his and try to drag him away from us into their booths. He really was looking quite daper in his crisp white cotton  Bali shirt...
Once you reach the bottom you are greeted by a towering traditional temple gate covered in moss and marking the site of Git Git waterfall. The sound of rushing water surrounded us and a fine mist filled the air. It was a magnificent site to behold, I felt so alive the minute that spray hit me.
Standing at the base, holding Ryans hand and looking up at the top I was filled with child like joy! I couldn't stop giggling and I felt like my smile was going to crack my face in two it was so big. In all the years we have been together, standing under that waterfall with Ryan by my side was one of the most special moments we have ever shared.
12/19/2009 09:28:34 pm

It's good to be Cami

12/21/2009 02:01:44 am

Temple kittie looks like snickers off spring...... mean little kittie!

Cool pictures. Still wishing I was there. Christmas is only 4 more sleeps. Missin ya terribly!

Princess Jenny
12/23/2009 11:02:23 am

It all looks so lovely.
The family looks like they are in a peaceful heaven.
Looks like we are not going to have a white Christmas here, so you are not missing too much just the regular rain.


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