Here I am, a few weeks after Bali, slowly settling in to 'normal' life once again. Although I miss Bali it is nice to be amongst mountains again, and running in the green mossy woods like a she-wolf. Went for my first run in Lynn Canyon in 2 months last weekend...it was more of a home coming than sleeping in my own bed again! Rather than loose weight in Bali I managed to put on about 10 pounds, so my inner she-wolf will be getting a lot of free reign in the next little while!

Found a yoga center near my house that I will start going to regularly. I never talked much about it but I had a life changing yoga class in Bali, and I don't think I will ever quite be the same again. it deserves a post all on its own (which will follow) but needles to say I am converted. Yoga helps balance me, helps the east meet west inside of me and keeps me grounded.  I mean, if I can stay calm and remember to breathe deep in the most challenging of yoga poses...then I can stay calm and centered during anything! Right? OK, so maybe that still needs some work but as Corrina says "yoga is a practice not a perfect!"

Sorry for the short boring post, but this really is me just making an effort to keep this blog ball rolling! Thanks for reading, I love every single comment you all leave...its like a daily warm fuzzy for my heart!
2/2/2010 01:12:08 pm

But I love the decorating you did....:) despite your hate-on!

2/3/2010 02:02:50 am

well i may hate VANOC but I do love Canada!

2/12/2010 06:02:11 am

yes! i'm in with you re: vanoc, Olympics and what not!


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