So I am kinda cheating here with this new music video to share with you  today. BUT I do have this cute lil piece of musical awesomness. Want to know the secret to being a great parent? Apparently, its Bob Marley
Just so you don't feel to cheated dear readers, I also have this great Etsy find for you! Custom made lovers tree pillows. I am so getting one for Ryan for Christmas, hope he doesn't read this blog post! LOL. Click here to view their shop
Sorry my posts have been a bit scant lately, just still trying to manage my time between work, home, prego stuff, etsy shop, kraft fairs, blog yadda yadda yadda. I am sucking right now, I am sorry. I will get better! Sometimes maintaining a regular blog can be overwhleming!
11/16/2010 11:42:53 pm

Bob Marley is key! My lil buddy Elliance loves loves loves it, she's figured out how to turn on her cd player in her room and is always dancing about!


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