So this is a tag team event! Band #1 was my husband Ryan's pick and Band #2 is from yours truly. I hope you like them!

So Ryan is really into Julian Casablancas right now, and I gotta admit they are pretty great! Oh, and here is Ryan...aint he cute? I;m a super lucky girl!
And next is mois! My pick for this week is Local Natives! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM! I like to crank both of these songs on my Ipod as I wander through the city.
In other news I am plugging away on my Etsy Shop, it is a lot of work to get one fully stocked, with shipping costs etc. But worth it!
10/5/2010 03:00:25 am

go Kami Go! that's great that you're staying motivated and determined to get your esty shop in order! the reward once complete will be soooo good! we must go out an celebrate!
I haven't heard of any of the groups you put up today, must check it out!


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