My new favorite happy song, something so innocent and playful about it! LOVE!

gah! i love this song. you have fab taste in music and have just enlightened me to the name of the artists! sweet!
and i did get your postcard/envelopes, thank you! super cute.
and while i'm all full of comment love, the t-shirt necklace looks great - will let you know if i make one for sure, if i can ever relax and settle in with toronto. talk to you soon!


I loveeee this song. It's so beautiful.

I had my first textiles class today and it is AMAZING! I know I haven't been around but getting back into school has left me sleepy soo I haven't wanted to post :/

But I will have a new post soon. And hopefully a blog party soon too! I'll let you know!


been playing this song in regular rotation for several months now... still lovin it.


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