It has been raining here, a lot. And when I say a lot I really mean it. It is gray and wet and cold and I am sick of it and looking forward to spring! I have always been affected by the weather, and as much as I love Vancouver I hate being sopped in by rain/clouds/fog/gray. So lately I have been watching this video A LOT as it is all about SUNSHINE! Glorious, wonderful, positive, happy sunshine! And I think we can all use that from time to time. So for this weeks "Tuesday Tunes" it is just one video, one song, by one artist. I hope it will inspire you to live your day a little bit more positively and put a bounce in your step. It always works for me.
I am posting this the night before, after coming home from a long wet and thoughtful walk in the rain. Im cooking up some Cambells Tomato soup and recalling a time when I was so poor that I lived off the stuff for a month. Breakfast, lunch and dinner its no joke. You would think Id hate the stuff, but I dont. It is chicken soup for my soul, reminding me to be grateful for the little things. Like warm soup in my belly. What little things are you thankful for?

PS: If yall are getting sick of the Franti videos I apologize...I am obsessed! But I really do believe he is good for the soul!\

Peace, love and pickles my darlings
1/26/2011 05:19:58 am

happy birthday to your hubby!

xo monica

Patti Fasan
1/27/2011 11:38:33 pm

You were right - I loved the Franti song, and the message in the words & video. Real feel good way to start my day. Thanx


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