I recently found this blog, and was inspired. As often as I can, I am going to try and make Thursdays a day to be thankful..."Thankful Thursday!" Its a good practice to take time to think of all the little things that one is thankful for amidst all of the crap that life can often throw at us. When faced with some of my darkest days, this simple practice has literally saved my soul. Now, being pregnant, I just think that more positive vibes I feel and send to the bug the better. So on that note, I am thankful for:

  • feeling the bug kick for the very first time! I was lying in shavassana during my pre-natal yoga class when all the sudden I felt a squirm. Out of habit I placed my hand on my belly as I was lying there only to find that I could faintly feel the squirm. So I pressed down a wee bit firmer, and a POKE! Then it moved to the left, so I followed it. Pressed down with my hand and POKE! This game of cat and mouse went on for about 5 minutes or so with me crying silent tears of gratitude and giggling like a fool.
  • my husband who has been patiently teaching me how to drive all week. Yes I am 30 years old, pregnant, and still don't know how to drive
  • being able to eat chicken again! Oh man I was getting bored of pork. Thankfully the bug has relented and granted me some chicken now and then as long as it is covered in sauce.
  • the long walks I have been taking with my Aunty Carla, good for some serious bonding time
  • LA Ink. Yes LA Ink, it has filled the void that coming to the end of Hero's caused and I am happily addicted to watching people get inked
  • finding the purrrrfect gift for my husbands 31st birthday, I cant wait to give it to him!
What simple or mighty things are you thankful for?
1/20/2011 09:54:45 am

all very good things to be grateful for! so exciting getting to feel the bug move, and during yoga no less! very cool!


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