We have arrived safe and sound! We landed in Denpansar, Bali at 3:45 in the afternoon on Monday December 7th. The minute we stepped off the plain it was hot and humid and the air was full of incense. Despite the fact that we had been traveling for nearly 20 hours we were full of excitement and giggling like school kids. As soon as we were off the plain we were immediatly greeted by "custom" agents in dress shirts with custom badges pinned on yhe breast.

 "Sir, you must come with us. Customs. We check bag."

 "Not needed! No thank you! I carry bag!"

"Customs, we clear you customs mam."

"We just came through customs."

"Oh. Porter. We carry your bags mam."

"No thank you"

"Oh. Nice glasses sir. I try?"

"Sure, you like aviaters?"

"Oh very nice. Very nice. Thank you sir"

"Uhm, no, those are my glasses."

You need to have a fairly good sense of humor when traveling in a foreign country....they were all very good natured about it shared a laugh with us as they realized we were on to their game and wished us a happy journey.
We were whisked away by an excited Patti and Randy, they were so thrilled to see us. Navigating the teeming streets of Bali was a very sureel experience while coping with a massive time change. Cars and scooters everywhere, no one following any real rules. You need to turn your scooter around? Oh, just drive down the wrong side of the road! No problem!  Artists studios are everywhere, banyon trees compete with stores for room to grow, and cows munch along the side of the roads.

The villa is literally the garden of Eden. Words really cannot describe it properly, but trust me when I say that it truly is breath-taking. Koi fish in the ponds, water lilies, Frangipani tress, Buddha statues. Paradise. The picture at the top of this post? That is a frangipani blossom....and yah, I took it. I know, I know, I rock. What can I say? My awesomeness followed me all the way to bali.

Last night we were invited to our neighbours house for a tradtional Balinese family dinner. AMAZING! Stay tuned for a full blog entry on that alone.

This morning we are off to the beach for the first time as we had been lying low for a couple days climatizing and coping with some mild jet lag. We are going to Patti and Randy's faveorite Warang, a family run food hut. Truly the best food to be found in Bali. Breakfast will be followed by a walk on the beach before it gets to hot to be on the sand. 31 degrees yesterday!

More pictures and stories will follow soon! Of I go to do some yoga with Ryan.

12/9/2009 12:47:46 pm

Oh my goodness that picture is beautiful! your new digs sound heavenly! i can't wait to see pictures and hear more about your bali adventures!
hope yoga was fantastic!

12/9/2009 11:40:48 pm

WOW....beautiful picture. Well done Kam Kam. I am eagerly waiting to see more pictures. The place sounds amazing. You are 31 degrees there WELL we are waiting on a big snow dumb. Apparently 20 cm. Friday. So enjoy the sun... I will be thinking of you there while I shovel our drive way. Make sure you say hi to Randy and Patti for me. I have just arrived to work. Having my first cup of coffee and totally missin ya all. Love and hugs to everyone.

12/10/2009 07:09:35 am

Awesome!!! Sounds like it is off to a great start... first picture is gorgeous, but that one of you and Ryan on the plane is so damn cute :)

Can't wait to hear more and see the pics!


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