I am super excited to announce some big changes to the shop! I am doing a lot more embroidery pieces these days, probably because it is easier for el prego here to do while sitting on the comfy couch! LOL! I am currently very inspired by old tattoo flash images and have created these romantic rocker wall art pieces! I am also carrying buttons for all your crafting needs! More items to be released soon
2/3/2011 10:04:18 am

love love love the tattoo inspired pieces. I was just at a meeting and we were talking about the resurgence of tattoo art, we're even talking about an exhibition based on the work. you should move here and do an exhibition!

2/3/2011 02:05:38 pm

What meeting was this? I love tattoo art!!! An exhibition would be so cool, Merit seems to have lots of creative peeps!


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