I finally caved and shelled out the dough for a proper cut and color job, and it was SO WORTH IT! I foudn a great new salon called Bangtown that is like tattoo parlor/grammas house/barber shop/western saloon. I could live there! Lots of kitchy virgin mary art, velvet elvis paintings, old school paint by numbers....LOVE! My stylist was amazing, had the COOLEST tattoos and his adorable doggy was chilling with us too.
So today, I am crafting away with my super awesome new hair and listening to my new favorite band TILLY AND THE WALL!!!!
And just for fun.....I had to throw in this great Tank Girl/Peaches video I found on YouTube!
And my new favorite music video....Tank Girl meets Peacehs. OMFG! Best combo EVER!!!!
9/6/2010 10:22:01 am

Your hair looks SO GOOD! Nothing like a good cut and color :D

9/7/2010 10:32:42 am

I love your hair!! It looks so good!

I will send you pictures soon. I didn't forget! I just got back to school so it's been a little crazy but I will have time this weekend :)

9/8/2010 07:21:21 am

Wow you look beautiful! Your hair looks great! :)

1/22/2015 02:48:40 am

Lady, may I say you are one of the most beautiful beigns I've ever laid my eyes upon.
And your hair sure is quite awesome and beautiful.


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