Here is an update on the bug and I as we begin our 21 week together. Went for my first ultrasound last Friday and I was soooooooo excited I thought I would burst! It was pretty wild to see the bug actually squirming away inside me, well squirming is an understatement. The kid was literally bouncing off the walls! The technician was getting frustrated as it was really hard for her to get the images and measurements she needed, it took over an hour! But every once in a while Ryan and I would be rewarded with a clear hand waving, or a cute side profile, but as soon as we saw it, it was gone again in a blur of movement. Ryan swears he saw some jazz hands in there, lol. We were happy to hear that everything looks normal and healthy and the bug is growing at a healthy rate.

Unfortunately though my placenta is not in the best position. Now here is where it gets confusing...the tech said I had major placenta previa in one sentence but in the next she was saying low lying placenta. What this means is my placenta has attached it self on top of or low down/near too my cervix. This can complicate matters as it would be in the way of the baby coming out and could cause blood loss if a vaginal birth was attempted. It gets further confusing because she also alternated between saying the placenta was "attached" to my cervix and was "touching" my cervix, but that either way I would "need a c-section" which is not necessarily true! As far as I can tell from the research I have done one is considered more serious then the other, but in the majority of all cases the placenta will move up as the uterus grows and expands. The main difference being that if it is just touching the edge of my cervix then it doesn't have to move as far in order to be deemed a safe distance. This is the best simple definition I have seen online. As much as it upsets me and makes me anxious I am trying to keep it calm and cool until I hear form my midwife as really the tech shouldn't be giving me medical advice to begin with! So positive thoughts people! Cross all your fingers, toes and your eyes too!

Despite the joy of seeing the bug finally (and wowza really feeling it squirm around, although still too subtle for Ryan too feel) I am a grumpy bear these days. Watch out! Without copious amounts of chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream, I bite!
I have been gettin lots of headaches, having a hard time sleeping, and my anxiety is THROUGH THE ROOF! Hearing about my placenta really didn't help. And my energy levels, dear God I think I have a vampire inside me sucking me dry! I got a brief window of the second trimester return of energy and "glow" and that quickly passed leaving only tired, pale, dark eyed, grumpy ol me! Humph! I havent had the energy to even sit at my craft table so my Etsy shop is sitting neglected and it makes me sad.
1/24/2011 10:45:45 am

So my sister in law had a low lying placenta but everything turned out fine and she had a vaginal birth...Hopefully when the midwife looks at things you'll have a better idea of your options!

Did you two decided not to find out the sex? Or are you keeping it a secret ;)

1/24/2011 12:56:13 pm

Oh that is so good to hear! Thanks, that makes me feel better. The more positive stories I hear the more positive I feel. We opted to not find out, so its still just a bug ;)


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