Time for a weekly update on me and the little bug growing in my belly. Week 19 has been pretty good to me so far aside from some fatigue and a suddenly MUCH larger appetite. I have been waking up at 2 or 3 am STARVING so there is now a box of crackers and glass of water by the bed, otherwise I cant sleep my tummy grumbles so hard. I am sure with this sudden surge in appetite will come quite the growth spurt, and so I am trying to be cautious and make healthy food choices. But man I tell yah, when you are starving and all there is around is a batch of cookies fresh out of the oven WATCH OUT! They will be gone in no time! Mental note: tell the hubby to stop baking cookies as midnight snacks. LOL, thank god for pre-natal vitamins.

Looking back over this pregnancy so far, it has been an interesting ride. There of course have been times of barfyness, insomnia and extreme fatigue, but all in all it has been pretty manageable. There are some funny/weird side effects too:

  • I will often forget words, or the names of things resulting in sentences such as "Can you pass me that thingy?" or "I wonder what will happen to whats her name...you know the brunette in the next episode?" That last one was in response to my favorite TV show How I Met Your Mother, for like a week I couldn't remember Robyn's name
  • smells, my god the smells. Most people know a woman's sense of smell increases during pregnancy but you have no idea by how much! I became a freaking bloodhound! I could solve crimes! I could literally smell Ryan walking into a room during my first trimester and couldn't open the fridge door because I was literally bowled over by the intense combination of smells.
  • Animals know you are pregnant. Somehow they just sense it, both my cats curl up around my tummy and my Aunts dog licks my belly when she sees me.
  • You will turn into a Gumby doll. With pregnancy comes a massive surge in hormones one of them being relaxin. As you tell from its time it relaxes things, mainly your joints and ligaments. In the first three months I found myself waking up in the strangest positions, contorted into a pretzel. My arms would often be flung so far over my head that it would hurt to move it back to normal.
  • you may not be menstruating anymore but for some there is still cramping. I could literally feel my uterus growing and changing shape in the first trimester. CREEPY! I still get weird cramps from time to time, but sadly it is morphing more into back pain. oi vey!
In other news we put the crib together yesterday so we could see how big it was and how much room it left for other furniture. Baby Kitty quickly decided it was now his bed and hoped in and made himself at home. Pictures of this adorableness will follow shortly
1/11/2011 02:49:31 am

I can totally relate to the smell thing dude, but watch out when trying to solve crimes, my nose started to play mean tricks on me. Srsly one day Cory opened a brand new mozzarella and from three rooms away I could swear it was rotten and I (most emphatically) insisted that he throw it away. Also there were some mornings that orange juice would smell sour even from the other end of the table, so bad.
Take care of yourself mama, and your sweet bug. I'm sure a lil batch of cookies here or there isn't so bad :)

1/11/2011 03:54:08 am

Hey coz! thanks for stopping by! And I hear yah on the cheese, lol Ive had that argument with Ryan too. He just smiles and says yes dear. Then puts it back in the fridge when I am not looking

1/11/2011 11:23:35 am

My entire pregnancy, opening the fridge was a DISASTER. I was so convinced there were rotten onions hiding somewhere, and I cleaned it thoroughly all the time.

1/12/2011 07:33:06 am

LOL I dont have the energy to clean my fridge, I just get in and out as fast as i can! LOL!


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