Sleep. I thought I had 7 more months to enjoy all the sleep I could get? And boy do I even want it. But no. No sleep for you Mz. Kami. No, instead you shall lie awake until 3am and fall asleep only to wake up every hour on the hour. GAHHHHHK! So, I am a lil cranky today. I really really realllllllly hope that tonight I sleep. SOLID.

In other news my belly has popped, and all pants are now being held up by elastic bands looped through buttonholes and around buttons. Yes, I have tried the Bella Band but seriously? How the hell do you get that thing to work , let along feel comfy? Mine just keeps riding up on me and makes me feel constricted.

Food! Glorious food! Getting better with most foods and less gagy, THANK GOD! I still can't do chicken (petting zoo of death stench!) but ironically I am ok with beef. The other day I had a craving for Sloppy Joes, French Fries and Coleslaw....and my awesome hubby made me exactly that for dinner. Sloppy Joe's from scratch! No canned crap for us, and oh my goodness it was DIVINE!

The bug is now 10 weeks and 2 days and apparently 1.5 inches long. I read that during the 10th week the fetus will develop 25, 000 neurons per MINUTE! PER MINUTE! Ryan and I think we have probably killed that many brain cells in one night of drinking....

Last but not least tomorrow is our first Midwife appointment, and I am so excited! Just makes everything seems so much more real! I plan on having a natural birth, with a midwife, in the hospital. I am just full of questions for her tomorrow, I hope she is ready for me an the bug!
11/8/2010 11:40:34 pm

How exciting! I hope your midwife appointment is great. Just wanted to let you know that I got your happy mail. It brightened my day. Thanks!

11/9/2010 12:39:39 am

oh no that's aweful that you're not getting enough zzzz's! i hope you start sleeping more solidly soon as constant lack of sleep is terrible.
enjoy the midwife and i'm sure she can handle all your questions!


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