So here I am, 13 weeks along and feeling pretty great! My belly has really popped though, and it is surprising for how early I am. Hopefully we don't hear two heart beats at the next midwife appointment, not that twice the joy wouldntbe welcome....but WOWZA! Scary thought. Mind you my mom was HUGE wih my brother and I and my Aunt showed early too. Maybe its just genetics. Here is a picture:
So far I gotta say the second trimester is pretty great! My energy has returned and I find I can run on less sleep...good practice for the future LOL! I am feeling massive nesting urges to keep the house clean, move things around and plan plan plan. All my ligaments and tendons are like taffy! I wake up contourted in the weirdest postions and I can feel my ab muscles beeing steched to their limitis when I laugh. I just finished off my last craft fair for the season (and it was AWFUL!) but I am glad it is done, because now I can focus on crafts for me and the bug!
11/29/2010 01:22:52 pm

Such a cute preggo pic, hee hee

I'm sorry that the craft fair wasn't fun! :(


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