Growing up I didnt always have the most steadfast representation of "mother-love", but now that I am older and wiser I know it was there. Dysfunctional yes, but it was there. There is a lot of glorification of mother-love, over expectations and blame. The simple fact is that the very act of carrying a small, helpless, dependable human being inside of you for 9 and half months is the very definition of love. pure, selfless, innocent love. No matter how the rest turns out, we were all rocked to sleep in our mothers bellies.

A pregnant woman must give up a lot during this time. Say goodbye to that nightly glass (or two, or three...) of your favorite pino grigio. Farewell to your sashimi binges at that local Japanese hot spot. Sayonara to any prescription medication you were taking, no matter how much it helped. Ta Ta to late nights dancing with the girls and eating late night pizza on Granville street at 3am. Have a headache? Well forget about the advil and only take that regular strength tylenol if a solid nap doesnt kick it. And you might as well pack up all thse skinny jeans, tube tops, mini skirts and high heels as they will only taunt you from your closest. Not that I couldnt wear them if i didnt want to but lets be honest...4 inch heels and a tube top do not appeal to me right now in the slightest. Frankly none of the above things do. I willingly gave them all up. Why?

For love. For the love of a tiny unknown creature growing in my womb that I have never even met but I know who will be my everything. Now if that isnt love, I don't know what is?
1/4/2011 08:56:02 am

You are already such a good Mama! So glad to see so happy, the love pouring out of you is beautiful!
I'm sure that first glass of wine will be a warm welcome when the time comes ;)


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