Here is what is inspiring me, my art and my life right now....

FOXES! Yes weee lil fuzzy foxes, i think I have a new obsession and new item to collect. Foxes, I love them and their cute faces. love their colors, love how they hunt. Just <3
Neo-Victorian Fashion, Cameo's and vintage shadow portraits
And last but not least vintage cameras
What is inspiring you right now?

4/28/2010 07:47:42 am

Beatles music, owls, and doodling on cardboard.

4/28/2010 08:13:41 am

I <3 Owls too! Thanks for stopping by!

5/7/2010 01:33:13 am

i comment. yes I have been sneaking and reading. i love red foxes i have a stuffed one in my room that I have had since I was a child, named foxy. yes it is a very original name.


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