That's right kittens, I will be participating in my very first ever craft fair this sunday! And this one is super duper special because its not just a craft fair, its UNDER THE VOLCANO! A social justice festival that happens every year in Cates Park. Sadly this is the last year it will run and I am so honored to be a part of it! UTV always has amazing music from around the world, yummy ethic foods, speakers on important social and environmental justice issues and a KICK ASS artisan market! WITH ME! YAY! Come by and check out my plushies and brooch's made from EcoFelt, vintage button rings, paintings and more! I AM SO EXCITED!
My newest creation, Bam-Bambi
8/4/2010 01:00:24 pm

Ahhh! So exciting! You will do great! Have so much fun!!

8/6/2010 04:42:16 am

Visiting from new friend Friday! My favorite meal is breakfast. I love waffles with blueberries and whip cream. Oh so yummy! Oh, and like quinoa, too. I am am a new follower.


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