I AM SO EXCITED FOR CHRISTMAS!!!!!! Eeeeeeeeeeek! I love decorating for Christmas and I can't wait to start, but it feels fake if I start before December 1st. But I am already daydreaming of my house all warm and cozy and ull of Christmas cheer! Ryan and I always decorate the tree together while watching A Charlie Brown Christmas. I know every word by heart. This year we are also throwing a huge Christmas party, I am very excited! I think I will scan some old funny Christmas photos to share with you all, for now, here are some Christmasy things that I love
Except these. Not these. I hate these with a passion. Nylon covered Christmas balls. Pretty? Yes. Practical? NO! They always make a mess and every year one of my katz winds up finding one and unraveling it. And then of course getting sick from eating nylon thread. Yay hairballs. These should be banned. Bah!
11/18/2010 08:53:36 am

I've already put my lights up, and the nutcracker is out. I figure as long as it's after Remembrance Day there is no shame...and Ko and I have already started watching some Christmas shows too :P


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