Bigger, better, and even popular request a larger size Bam-Bambi is now available! I am still working behind the scenes to make my Etsy shop the best it can be, so here is a little sneak peek:
The best part of all is I am GIVING one away! Yup, a fun freebie to thank all of my lovely followers! Your comments and support mean so much to me, and I want to celebrate breaking the 50 follower mark! All you have to do is enter my contest by scrolling down or clicking here
Searching 4 Serendipity
I also designed a new blog button for those of you that want to show the love!

Absolutely fabulous photos of your bam- bambi's Kami, they're gorgeous. Keep up the grrrrrrrr8t job! xoxoxo
i also love the new blog button too!


i keep forgetting to ask you what size thread do you use for these? and how do you typically tie off the end of them? i'm struggling with my own projects to make the end neat and tidy. thanks!


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