In my last post I mentioned that I had a creative brain fart on the wall above my desk. Well it is slowly growing and expanding to create new ideas, and I love staring at it. I thought I'd share and encourage others to try this form of art therapy...mine is no where near done. Updates on changes and additions will follow.
Captions are:
The red lips Feminine Ideals...crossed out to read "feminist ideals"
The retro 1950's image "I enjoy being a slut"
and my fave "You can never re-create the past, but you can shape your own future and you can bake a cake"
As you can see I found odd things inspiring....mostly feminine culture, art, fashion and nature. I have a fair amount from Sophie Coppola's "Marie Antoinette" which is a visual feast for the eyes.
clutzy clutz
4/2/2010 07:43:26 am

I loooove your vision board! I love seeing the outcomes of your creative hands

4/2/2010 08:32:43 am

I am sure after some wine tonight there will be more visual brain barfs going up! LOL!


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