Hello, I am still alive, I haven't disappeared. I have just been too busy to blog or even art journal! This weekend I ran away to the farm! Literally! It was so wonderful and I have lots of pictures to post soon. I have been busy getting my last package ready for my Happy Mail match Cassidy! It is full of treats, some hand made by me, and I really hope she likes it! I have also started a new project, sewing a stuffed monster for my BFF's lil one, Koan. Aaaaaaan I am nearly a whole week behind in class! YIKES. I am starting to go through withdrawal. Sad face.

Other than that all is good in my lil world. We have tomatoes and strawberries emerging in our garden, kitties are healthy, hubby is home and I am still wheat free (groan) despite the plate of home made scones currently sitting near me...telling me to eat them. Evil, evil little things.

peace, love, hugs, and kittens!

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