Today my hubz turns 31, and for whatever silly reason he is not excited about it. He has been a little down in the dumps and I think that maybe the thought of both turning 31 and becoming a father all in the same year is making his head spin a little bit! So it is my goal to make today as AWESOME as possible for him! He woke up this morning to fresh coffee and a silly birthday message spelled out for him on my Light Bright (yes that's right bitches, a Light Bright! Scored it for $3 at a thrift shop!). I have a wonderful gift for him that I am SOOOOOOO excited to give him, and tonight we are going out for a fabulous sushi dinner, his favorite. So if you feel like it, can spare the time, wanna share some love, wish Ryan a Happy Birthday here. Last night the bug wished pappa an early happy bday. Ryan was lying with his head in my lap, face smooshed up against my belly, talking to the baby, when whooompf! He got a kick to the face, LOL! Of course at this point they are more pokes then kicks, but I think it was the bugs way of telling Daddy to snap out of his funk because he is AWESOME!

In crafty news I am currently working on some tattoo inspired embroidery pieces for Vagina Day, I mean Valentines Day. So keep your eyes open for a big shop update soon!
1/26/2011 01:40:44 am

Happy Birthday Ryan. Hope you have a wonderful day. I was wondering why the sun was shining today....... 31 years ago a great person was born and he just keeps getting better and better. Thanks for being you.

1/26/2011 01:41:14 am

Wish that wonderful man of yours a big Happy Birthday from me! Love ya both xx

1/26/2011 01:58:46 am

January 26th, 1980 was the most meaningful day of my life. Carla is so right "the SON has shone on me" since then. I got to hug you and wish you Happy Birthday this morning but with all our crazy deadlines we've been working away in our separate offices since then. But my mind keeps straying to noises from you downstairs. All I can hope is that you realize what an incredible gift you've been in our life. One child, one incredible son and soon to be the most terrific father to a grandchild. WOW. Life is a blessing and you remind me of that everyday. I am so proud to be your Momma.

1/26/2011 02:51:22 am

HBD2U Ryan!!! I heard you already got a kick to the face for your birthday; best gift ever I'm sure. Love you lots Cuz and miss you bunches. I'm so excited for you and for the newest addition to your beautiful family.

1/26/2011 03:24:06 am


You are an amazing person & I am so lucky to have you in my family. You are going to be the best Dad ever to the bug (how could not be with the role models we had - Dad, Uncle Randy & Uncle John).

Don't worry because I totally get it....30 was easier because you were JUST out of your 20's. You think to yourself “I may be 30 but last week I was 29”. Turning 31 was much harder for me - I wasn't ready to be "in my 30's". I've had a whopping 2 mths to get used to it and it ain’t so bad once you get here :)

I am so happy for you and Kam and I want you to have the best birthday ever!

Hugs & Kisses

Susan & John
1/26/2011 03:50:05 am

Look upon birthdays as very special days to mark the years you've been on earth, positively affecting a lot of people around you - a loving mom and dad, a beautiful wife, and many other kin and friends. This one is especially special as it will also mark the year you become a father for the first time! Happy, happy birthday Ryan from us both!

1/26/2011 04:38:02 am

Happy Birthday Ryan! 31 is going to be such a remarkable year for you and Kami what an exciting adventure you two are embarking on! Birthdays are great moments to stop and think about where you are and what awesome things you want to accomplish in the future! Plus you get coffee in bed and an awesome light bright message too!


Grandpa, Lee, Megan and Shawn
1/26/2011 05:07:49 am

Happy Birthday Ryan! Enjoy your day. Love from all of us. xoxoxox

Lola and Jim
1/26/2011 05:44:14 am

Hi Fasans;
I remember the day you were born here in KW.
Your Dad and I belonged to the Cambridge Wine club.......
And, as I recall, all the wine club celebrated your birth...
Hard to believe it was 31 years ago.
Hope your day is special
love from auntie Lola and Uncle Jim

Aunt Cyndy & Uncle Paul
1/26/2011 06:08:52 am

We are wishing you all the best on this very important day. 31 is a milestone,but each decade you live will be more full of love & laughter.
Just ask Uncle Paul as he turns 61 this year!!!

1/26/2011 06:59:52 am

Ryan, this is a big year for you: Daddy, 30-something, major career moves. I wish you all the best as you navigate through with your usual grace and ease. Patricia xox

Joy & Rene
1/26/2011 08:51:49 am

Dear Ryan

Joy and I a way out here in Ontario , Guelph to be more specific , wish you a very happy birthday along with all who love and respect you near and far. This greeting will have to do for now, later this summer when both Joy and I will also be another year older , we will do it personally.

All the best

Joy and Rene

Grandpa Stu & Mamie Michelle
1/26/2011 09:01:19 am

Heh Ryan:
31 huh!? I was 72 last week... how do you think I felt?
You are just starting to come into your own... the privilege of working with your Mum is opening a whole new, exciting and creative chapter in your life!
To share your life with Kami and "The Bug" I'm sure is proving to be just as rewarding. Your gentleness, caring and compassionate nature will hold you in good stead as you continue to collect life's experiences during your enriching 30s'.
Stay on the path you are creating for yourself... it is solid and leads into the sunshine!


Michelle et Stu

Uncle John & Aunt Lynn
1/26/2011 09:41:20 am

Happy Birthday Ryan. We are really excited that you @ Kami are contributing to the next generation of our families! Can't wait to become a Gruncle & Grantie!

1/26/2011 10:11:30 am

Hi Everyone!
Thanks so much for all you birthday wishes and lovely words. I'm so blessed to have such an amazing family and friends around me.


And a pretty awesome wife

Princess Jenners
1/26/2011 02:14:29 pm

Way to survive another year duder. xo

1/26/2011 05:11:54 pm


Sorry mate, I'm too late.
Nevertheless I wanted to cheer a little bit, so.....


This year's gonna be awesome: 31, incredible family and soon a bug!

See you soon in Cevisama!!!

Bye, dude!

1/27/2011 01:32:50 am

Happy Birthday Ryan!!!!
Sorry I missed the day - but we are sending lots of love and best wishes your way. This year is going to be absolutely fantastic! Hope you had a great birthday.
Lots of love, Donna and David


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