1.   I wish: I was at home in my jammies curled up with a good book and my hubby.And I wish he wasnt out at work until late tonight :(

2.  Yesterday: I went for dinner with my Dad and he told me how happy he was for Ryan and I and how we were "the greatest people this could have happened too".

3.  Today I will: possibly buy a pair of maternity jeans after work, I may not have put on much weight but as organs shift around and ligaments loosen holy dinah my belly is in the way! And getting bigger each week. Elastic waist bands here I come!

4.  Tomorrow I will: attempt to shove my chubby prego frame into a party dress so that I can go to a  Golf and Country Club in Richmond for Ryan's staff Christmas party.

5.  Maybe: Ill go tight fitted dress and show off the bump? Or should I go loose and flouncy? Hmmmmmmm

6.  Someday: Ill sit "the bug" down and tell her/him all about the crazy ride that is pregnancy

7.  I love: Christmas, my kats, my husband, my bed, my house, my family, my friends, and my growing bug belly

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12/10/2010 11:48:45 am

go flowy dress! and yay for going shopping you need mat clothes for sure! have a great time at Ry's party!


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