1.   I am: a woman, a little girl, a sister, a wife, a lover not a hater, a gardener, an arts 'n craftser, a knitter, a horrible cook, a good eater, a light sleeper, a feminist, peace activist, avid reader, water lover  and good hugger.   

2.  I wish: I had a million dollars, a pony and a farm for the pony to live one.  And if war could end, for ever, that would be pretty awesome too.

3.  I like: croissants, tea, chocolate, roses, cuddles, katz, skulls, feathers, vintage, crows, animal prints, elephants and comfy afgan blankies  
4.  I can hardly wait until I can share some exciting news with you all...but my surprise isn't quite ready yet...

5.  I hope: that everything I am praying and wishing and hoping for right now comes true     

6.  I think: that love is the answer to all of our problems          

7.  I was: a HUGE nerd as a child. HUGE! I gotz pictures. If your nice I'll share em

(Thanks again Lauren for this weeks prompts! Why not go join the fun guys!!!!)
10/22/2010 02:45:17 am

happy friday! :D

i was a huge geek too - i was always the kid in the corner with a book.


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