Howdy folks! It is a cold, grey, rainy/slushy snow day here in Vancouver. I am dreaming of being home curled up with my katz under a warm blanket. Speaking of blankets, I am kind of obsessed with quilts right now. The other day I started making a blanket for the bug. I wont share the details until it is done but it's super cute, involves some minor quilting and I will share a sneak peak with you:
Wouldn't you know it? Shortly after I start this blanket I hear about an E-Course called "Modern Quilting" taught be the ever so lovely Rachel! Funny how small that kraftinista world is. I of course signed up right away, and will share my projects with you as I go. If you are doing the class too plase let me know so I can spy on your stiches too.
This adorable apron is one of the things I am most looking forward to making!
And of course now I suddenly see cool quilts everywhere, like this one on Flickr
In other obsessive news I am LOVING a new band I found, "The National". Take a listen and let me know what you think!
What's floatin your boat these days?
1/8/2011 01:39:55 am

...and you are soooo gorgeous with this little bump...soon the bump will move... and it is magical!!


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