Since I am all caught up in the realities of being prego and such I thought this weeks film review should be on something related! Even if you don't plan on having a child you should still watch this film! The sad state of health care in general is enough to ring alarm bells but few people go further to look at how it can be used to control women's bodies and limit our access to empowering, natural, right of passage experiences such as childbirth. This was actualy produced by Ricki Lake after a traumatizing birth experience with her first child. Her story, and that of all the women, midwives and doulas involved will open your eyes and touch your heart!

More information on this film can be found here
10/28/2010 05:52:14 am

I've got this in my netflix cue. I keep hearing great things about it! I'll definitely watch it something in the upcoming week...

10/28/2010 07:34:25 am

This film is a must. EVERYONE needs to see it. It's actually what really helped my decision to become a Doula. Great job on spreading the word. :) Also, thank you for the Award! I plan on passing it on soon. :)


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