Here it is kittens, my first tutorial.....a super easy T-Shirt Necklace!  I love mine, it is super comfy and casual yet can add some funk to a borrrrring office outfit in a snap!
First things first, gather your supplies! You will need an old t-shirt, some shapr scissors and a sewing machine....OR a needle and thread! Told yah, this one is easy peasy! From here on out in order to follow the instructions click on each image below to see the full size and detailed directions will be below! GOOD LUCK!
Phew! Wow, so there you go my very first tutorial. I hope it is easy to follow, because it is super easy to do! I am a very visual person, hence the photos...I hope that helps? I would really love feedback folks! So please, what do you think? Do share! And post pictures of your finished necklace on your blog or flickr so I can see them!

PS: You may notice my blue necklace is very layered. It is two necklaces worn together. See how much fun you can have with this? I made a braided one like I just showed you and then with an old jersey cotton sheet I made a super long one with just the twisty tubes. I just wrap it around a few times.