I just love finding new music, don't you? And guess what? I finally made blog buttons! Weeeeeee! Yah html dorkyness! Sadly though I cannot figure out how to make them look all nice and purdy over there on the side bar. So I am posting them here. GRAB EM WHILE THEY'RE HAWT!
Searching 4 Serendipity
Searching 4 Serendipity
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From the Youth in Revolt soundtrack:
Long weekend, LOVE! Swimming in the pool, gardening, sipping wine, crafting, sleeping in, cuddles with the boy and lots of movie watching. What did you do?
Just one tune for today, but its a great one that will make you wanna dance! LOVES!

In other news, yesterday was my hubby and I's 2 year wedding anniversary! We celebrated with a picnic in the park, some bubbly and handmade gifts for each other. I made a scrap book of our lives leading up to, around and shortly after our wedding. Ryan designed a shadow box for me with our wedding vows inside! He even used our wedding stationary and put my garter inside....SO CUTE! The most thoughtful gift I have ever received!

In terms of crafty stuff I have a jury review tomorrow for the North Vancouver Community Arts Council to see if I am crafty enough to participate in the Lynn Valley Craft Fair! WISH ME LUCK! I am super nervous!!!!! Ryan insists I will be fine, but I am still a newbie and just hope my work is good enough. I am bring examples of my cameo pins, my felt stuffies, and a couple paintings.
Hello kittens! I have a very diverse taste in music....I listen to pretty much anything except for misogynistic rap and death metal. I love to share music and make CD's for friends at work. Enter, new weekly blog post: TUESDAY TUNES! Each and every Tuesday I will expose you to some random awesome track that I am currently obsessed with and that I think you should be aware of. Everyone loves discovering new music right? So here we go! Here are some current faves:
What did you think? What are you currently listening to? Do share!