I am madly in love with the band Diamond Rings. His voice is so emo 80's cool it makes me feel like back combing my hair again. And the video? It is so awkwardly tacky, this is love man. This is love!
This next video is a total random treat for you all, but seriously it is pretty bad ass. Now this is freaking TALENT!
This next one is quite possibly my new favorite music video, I just love how raw it is
And just because I love it so much, here is some more Diamond Rings....way to rock the tights and eye shadow dude! LOVE!
It has been raining here, a lot. And when I say a lot I really mean it. It is gray and wet and cold and I am sick of it and looking forward to spring! I have always been affected by the weather, and as much as I love Vancouver I hate being sopped in by rain/clouds/fog/gray. So lately I have been watching this video A LOT as it is all about SUNSHINE! Glorious, wonderful, positive, happy sunshine! And I think we can all use that from time to time. So for this weeks "Tuesday Tunes" it is just one video, one song, by one artist. I hope it will inspire you to live your day a little bit more positively and put a bounce in your step. It always works for me.
I am posting this the night before, after coming home from a long wet and thoughtful walk in the rain. Im cooking up some Cambells Tomato soup and recalling a time when I was so poor that I lived off the stuff for a month. Breakfast, lunch and dinner its no joke. You would think Id hate the stuff, but I dont. It is chicken soup for my soul, reminding me to be grateful for the little things. Like warm soup in my belly. What little things are you thankful for?

PS: If yall are getting sick of the Franti videos I apologize...I am obsessed! But I really do believe he is good for the soul!\

Peace, love and pickles my darlings
Here is what I am listening to this week.....
In high school I was really into trip hop and down tempo music. Massive Attack was always playing on my headphones, especially when I was drawing or painting.
I also love me some good old hip hop. Not the stuff that is coming out now....although there is a time and a place for dancing to cheesy top 40 rap/hip hop. But true hip hop is about LIFE. These are some of my favorite examples:
Guess I am feeling nostalgic these days. What are you listening to? Oh yah and one last video...just for the girls xoxo
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PPS: I am currently thinking of creating a fun, online class teaching people about art journaling. Different techniques, tips and inspiring topics to get the creative juices flowing. I have done a few online courses on it myself, and I love how it can help get me out of creative ruts! It often leads to me experimenting with all sorts of new media types as well. How many of you would be interested in this? The cost would be super duper cheap, like $5...just to cover the cost of some extra books I am going to grab to benefit us all. I will also create a Flickr group where we can all share our pretty pages and each week I will post my personal fave from one of you here on the blog.
I heard this song on the radio on the way in to work this morning and I just knew I had to share it with you all! Its a new fave that's for sure!
And for a totally different genre...I have really eclectic music tastes...I freaking LOVE this song. It makes me wanna wiggle my booty. Not to mention the costuming for it, BRILLIANT! It is like all of my current fave fashion trends blended in to a big ol sexy mish mash.
What are you listening to right now? Do you have any tunes to share? My hubby and I LOVE hearing new music! Please share!
So this is a tag team event! Band #1 was my husband Ryan's pick and Band #2 is from yours truly. I hope you like them!

So Ryan is really into Julian Casablancas right now, and I gotta admit they are pretty great! Oh, and here is Ryan...aint he cute? I;m a super lucky girl!
And next is mois! My pick for this week is Local Natives! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM! I like to crank both of these songs on my Ipod as I wander through the city.
In other news I am plugging away on my Etsy Shop, it is a lot of work to get one fully stocked, with shipping costs etc. But worth it!
Here is what is currently on repeat in my kraft room....what do you think?
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I am currently head over heals in love with Mumford and Sons, this song in particular. It starts of a little slow, but wait for it. Trust me it's worth it!
I also LOVE this new version of Florence and the Machines video for Dog Days. Its like a musical, moving, textile fashion show!
I love Florence's original style. It totally inspires me right now!
What do you think? What's your musical inspiration right now? xoxo
My new favorite happy song, something so innocent and playful about it! LOVE!
It's Tuesday kittens, you know what that means....my songs picks for the week.  Enjoy mon amis! What are you listening to right now?
I'm not really a country music kind of girl...like at all. But there is just something so cute and pure and innocent about this song/video. It makes me smile. Guess I am feeling a lil girly today.

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