So you may have noticed how in some previous blog post I have been alluding to some "big changes" and "exciting news" that I wasn't ready to share. Well I can't keep it a secret anymore! I AM PREGNANT! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wowza eh!? How is that for a news flash!? Ryan and I are very excited and still in shock. See this wee lil one was a big surprise as we were not trying, but surprises are the best gifts! We are excited, nervous, and delirously happy with just the right amount of sheer terror thrown in to keep things interesting! LOL!
I am 2 months and 2 days along and l already I have a belly bump brewing as you can see! And my boobs! Dear god the boobs! I went up a cup size over night! If only my teenage self new what was in store for those tiiiiny tiities!

So in honor of this new phase of my life I will have a new weekly blog post: "Motherhood Mondays" where I share my journey with you my lovely readers as I stumble into motherhood. Today's post is just short and sweet to share with you all but I will share a couple observations I have noticed so far:

  • being pregnant is like being the protaganist in a science fiction movie...I mean dudes there is something GROWING in my belly!
  • Morning sickness isn't just vomiting. For me it is dizzy spells and total lack of interest in food. I mean I am hungry ALL the time, but not much gets me excited to eat
  • When you do find that one thing you want above all other foods WATCH OUT! It is like being 15 years old and stoned for the first time. You want waffles with peanut butter and honey and NOTHING else will cut it. And when you have that first bite you hope it lasts for ever....or was that just me? LOL
Mondays are made much more bearable by playing along with Much Love Monday. I hate Mondays, like hate with the passion of a million really really pissed off bees. GARH. But I love pretty pictures, and I adore hearts and love. Suddenly Monday's are a little bit more bearable. Except I am hungover, so it still kind of sucks balls.
I love my camera. My super-awesome-totaly-fantastic-kick-ass Canon digital SLR. I take it everywhere with me, it is my biggest source of artistic inspiration right now. What do you just ADORE at the moment? What inspires you, gets your motor purring? Here are some pictures I found via WeHeartIt that make inspire me...