I have been crafting and knitting until I can't see straight! I can't seem to stop honestly. Simply put, I think it is saving my mind. If you are ever feeling anxious, funny in the head, blue, or just plain old bored, I tell yah make some art. Anything! Draw a picture! Put up a random collage of inspiring images on your fridge! It doesn't have to be a huge project, but the act of making something when you feel like nothing is truly amazing! Here is what I have been up to:
Remember that hat on my needles last week? Well I finally finished it and Ryan loves it! He hasn't taken it off his head! I totally veered away from the pattern a bit, but it worked and now he has a comfy, slouchy beenie hat. But at first...when I tried it  on my own head, I was a lil devastated! But it fits his fat head! Woooot! (That's baby Kitty, our not so little tabby kat, playing with Ryan in the hallway). I got the pattern (that I messed with yes) from Stich n Bitch
I made some "Twitter" badges for Patti in the new Tile of Spain theme color MAGENTA! She is going to wear hers at Coverings this year and bring extras to give away as prizes to her Twitter followers! Representing La_Kamika Kraftz!
I also signed up for the "Tell Your Story" online Art Journaling class! It is so purrrfect for me because I love to journal but find simply writing borrrrrring! I love to express myself through images and I have a suitcase literally stuffed with pictures from magazines and such that I have collected over the years.
This is just the "About Me" section of the class, it kicks off into full gear on Monday with a journal cool theme and prompt every day for 6 weeks! They give you tonnes of ideas for inspiration. Everyone in the class shares their work in a private Flicker group, it is so cool seeing the art everyone creates and why! Do you see the button on the right over there...."Tell Your Story Student" if you click it you can get some more info.
I also found a polaroid camera on a thrifting hunt with Ryan the other day. It is still in mint condition and I plan on using it for some photo fun on my "dirty 30" bday this summer! So that was my crafty crazyness. What did you all get up to? Peace, pies and kitties!

My hubby surprised me with a super romantic night....we are talking at home pedicures! SWOON! So aside from the obvious way to thank him, ahem, I am making him a hat! Let's hope it turns out like the picture!