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Normaly I would do a scheduled "Motherhood Monday" post for you all but I am too excited to share with you all that I am doing my very first guest blog post today! Go visit Pamplemousse today and tell her I told you to say hi! While there you can learn my nifty camera trick that can litteraly save you tonnes of cash-olla! A proper blog post will follow later today, for now go visit me over here!
Since it is the Holidays and all, time for a lil Bob and Doug. For all of my American readers here is a little taste of Canadiana, eh!
Oddly enough as I near my fourth month, I feel nothing but calm. I am sure I will have another freak out episdoe over something, I mean hell I am becoming a parent! That is HUGE stuff. But for now, in this moment, right now, I feel calm. I feel like its all happening for a reason, in the time it needs to happen. I am taking more time for myself these days, not listening to the little voice in my head that guilts me into things or makes me worry about other people. I am giving myself permission to be selfish, do things for me, buy that cupcake and eat it too! (Hehehehe I currently have a thing for cute cupcakes as snacks, lol!)  I am so unbelieavble drawn inward that I feel like a different person. A calmer, happier, contended person. It's nice. And I am tired, like I sleep...ALOT! LOL. But it is a deep and restorative sleep and I am soaking it all up while I can. Peace and pickles my dear lovelies!
1.   I wish: I was at home in my jammies curled up with a good book and my hubby.And I wish he wasnt out at work until late tonight :(

2.  Yesterday: I went for dinner with my Dad and he told me how happy he was for Ryan and I and how we were "the greatest people this could have happened too".

3.  Today I will: possibly buy a pair of maternity jeans after work, I may not have put on much weight but as organs shift around and ligaments loosen holy dinah my belly is in the way! And getting bigger each week. Elastic waist bands here I come!

4.  Tomorrow I will: attempt to shove my chubby prego frame into a party dress so that I can go to a  Golf and Country Club in Richmond for Ryan's staff Christmas party.

5.  Maybe: Ill go tight fitted dress and show off the bump? Or should I go loose and flouncy? Hmmmmmmm

6.  Someday: Ill sit "the bug" down and tell her/him all about the crazy ride that is pregnancy

7.  I love: Christmas, my kats, my husband, my bed, my house, my family, my friends, and my growing bug belly

Thanks to Lauren over at The Little Things We Do! Head on over and join the fun....
I have been such a slacker with this blog, like really bad. I blame prego brain. I may be only 14 weeks and 5days along but I tell yah, I get as easily distracted as a 2 year old these days. There is so much I want to do but I simply don't have the energy to do it all! Even art journaling last night proved to be a task of epic proportions. Pathetic. But bit by bit, one project at a time I am getting things done. It helps that craft fair season (for me at least) is over now. I can focus on the home and the holidays! Speaking of the holidays I thought I would do a fun picture post on my Holiday wish list! Ryan and I aren't doing much for each other this year, but a cal can day dream her hubz won the lottery right?
First item on the dream wish list, an Xbox Kinect. These things are INSANE! They make a Wii look like dogs chew toy. It senses your ENTIRE bodies movement, without a control! Its a great workout and looks like so much fun! Watch the video:
El prego over hear needs some new clothes! Things jut don't fit right anymore...could be the whole belly thing getting in the way. It may not be huge yet, but its bigger! And noticable! A shopping day for some prego basics would be nice :)
Id also really like a Spa day. My new prego shape body is aching and screamin out for more then a back tickle in front of a movie. . . although that is super nice too! But I am talking preo mamma pamper day!
With a pedicure and luxurious foot rub....
And a facial to really bring out my pregnancy glow :)
And maybe after my awesome pamper session I could curl up with some ice cream and watch my very own copy of the double disk special edition "Eclipse"!
What do YOU want Santa to bring you this year?
I just discovered the wonderful world of "Feed Your Soul Art" today and I was so excited I had to share it with you all. She creates these whimsical mixed media pieces that speak to the child within all of us! Here are some of my faves:
I think I am going to head over to Etsy and buy some of her work for "the bugs" room if not for my own! Her wonderful work inspires me to start art journaling again and I think I just might! Now that my craft fairs are all down for the season I have time to get back to the roots of my arts and crafts...healing and personal growth!