I pulled out my top hat for this one folks. I had a special little assistant as well:
Congratz Michelle! You win a Bam-Bambi plushie and a personalized care package of krafty delights
10/12/2010 05:40:34 pm

Ohmigosh is that me, Michelle? Yay if it is!! :D

10/12/2010 09:51:11 pm

Your cat is adorable!

10/13/2010 01:46:11 am

awe how cute! good idea for the draw!

10/13/2010 03:40:05 am

Yup! It is you Michelle! Congratz. Email me at kamika.kraftz@gmail.com with your address. You won a Bam Bambi and a krafty care package. Let me know what crafts/hobbies you are into so I can put it together just for you!

10/13/2010 04:38:59 am

Hahahaha! Your cat is awesome!! :D Such cute pictures! ..you could hire him out as a magicians assistant! ;)
And congrats to Michelle! xx


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