So its 2010, you would THINK that we are past the time when a woman's outfit can be called into question during a rape trial, right? Wrong. A jury in Australia acquitted a man accused of rape because the woman was wearing...wait for it...skinny jeans. They claimed that such pants would require assistance to remove, and that the man could not possibly have taken them off himself. She must have helped in the removal and therefore consent to the act. Wow. Seriously? Even thought the victim pointed out that she has been able to dress and undress herself for some time now, so surely a grown man can remove pants by force. But they were tight jeans, and we all know that just screams harlot. I am still shaking my head over this one. Lets hope there is a re-trial folks because this is just wrong!
5/12/2010 03:27:44 am

Kamika - I'm SO glad my package finally made it to you... so sorry it ended up taking so long! And glad you like the basket - I was so worried about it making it there in-tact! :) Happy (belated) May Day! xoxo Joanne

5/14/2010 04:07:12 am

OMFG. I don't believe that. That makes me so mad I am shaking. Retrial are you kidding how about a hanging! I'd watch!


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