It is said that if you can change your thoughts you can change your life...or something like that. Many of us, myself included, walk through life with a broken record playing in the background. I dont know about you but I could use a better soundtrack. It has been proven that negative thought patterns not only effect our bodies but also weave deep complicated negative trenches into our brains....making it hard to "get out of a funk". Our brains litteraly become hardwired to expect, almost look for, the worst. But by simply thinking something different, and believing it to be true, wanting it to be true, you can re-boot the stuborn hardrive that is your brain.

Its all about affirmations, but honestly not many of us can keep a straight face while they look in the mirror and tell themselves how fucking awesome they are, unless your Barney Stintson.

Just the word affirmations is bound to bring something like this to mind
Yet as much as we make fun of it, there is something to be said for the power of words. If you have ever been bullied you will know this to be true. If you call someone stupid for long enough, the sad fact is that eventually they will start to believe it.

So what if we take back that power and flip it on its head? What if we got over the giggles and silly feelings and told ourselves every morning how much we love ourselves? How awesome we were....

After all Masaru Emoto proved that words effect water....simple water crystals can be effected by the power of words!
Considering that well over 50% of our bodies are comprised of water, it kinda makes you think twice about the "fat talk" eh?
I dont have a healthy "script", and its been on repeat since I was 16 years old. SCREEEEEEEEECH! Time to yank that needle of the record and play a new fucking track!

How's about something like this?

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