So I am reading a great book right now, "Holy Cow: An Indian Adventure"...its honestly pretty awesome! I have read it a few times now and it always gives me such a re-charge!  In a nutshell it is the story if a woman playing in the spiritual smorgasbord that is India, trying all spiritual paths and praying to many gods. She dabbles in Sikhism, experiments with Hinduism, learns about Allah from the Muslims, studies Kabalah with the Jews and even prays to a Virgin Mary in a hot pink sari sitting on a lotus blossom. At the end of it all she finds that they are all right: that we each need to find our own unique path to God, and to see what god truly is we need to find something for ourselves...see that "it" is inside us. There are so many religions/spiritual practices for so many different people....many paths to god means it is possible to find the unique fit for your inner self. Perhaps that is why i so loved my time in India and at the Ashram in the Kootney's studying about the Hindu pantheon...so many gods/goddess, a different path to suite each mood, thought and feeling, each phase of life.

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